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Christians re-affirm support for Palestine

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By Hassan Isilow
Members of the Christian community in South Africa have reiterated their support for the Palestinian cause and condemned atrocities committed by Israeli forces in Palestine. “We condemn in the strongest terms what Israel is doing in Palestine,” Dr Stiaan Van der Merwe of Kairos Southern Africa said. “Given our history as Christians in South Africa, we believe what Israel is doing is equivalent to the crime of Apartheid.’’

According to Van der Merwe, Kairos SA felt it was their responsibility as Christians to speak out on the injustices being committed in Palestine, because many Christians were ignorant about what was happening in that country. “Many Christians have ignorantly justified what Israel is doing in Palestine without knowing the actual truth. Therefore we believe that it’s our duty to come out and tell them the real truth,” he stated.

When asked what challenges they faced as Christians campaigning against both Zionism and Christian Zionism, he said: “It is difficult to make people understand the difference between Israel, as it is portrayed in the Bible and given how it is being portrayed by the Israeli government. So I am trying to make people understand the difference between the two’’

Van der Merwe added that Christians in Palestine were not happy with the support that other Christians in the world were offering Israel since it allows that regime to continue with the brutal occupation of Palestine. The comment comes after the support shown recently by the African Christian Democratic Party to the Zionist lobby on the relabeling of Palestinian goods as made in Israeli.

“Christians in Palestine often say they can take the Israeli occupation and many other injustices, but what they can not take is the support given by global Christians to Israel in the face of the suffering they have to endure.” To watch the full interview log on to:

This story was earlier published on Voice of the Cape’s Website.


Written by africawitness

August 10, 2012 at 1:05 pm

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