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Will Malema spill ANC SECRETS?

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Suspended ANC Youth Leaque President Juluis Malema and President Jacob Zuma

By Hassan Isilow

Will comrade Julius Malema, the newly ousted leader of the ANC Youth Leaugue, now spill the beans on the “badly kept” secrets within the ruling ANC party, now that he is out in the cold? This was the first question that popped up in my mind on Thursday afternoon, after Derek Hanekom, chair of the ANC disciplinary committee, read out the verdict which literally put the final nail in the fiery Malema’s political coffin.

History has shown that most people sacked from organisations always tend to reveal incriminating secrets about their former comrades or bosses. Who is to say it might not happen again? I for one am keeping my fingers crossed. I remember in 2008, when the ANC recalled former president Thabo Mbeki. Many loyal ministers resigned in a show of solidarity, while ex-defence minister, Mosiou Lekota and company, quit to form a new political party, the rather ill-fated COPE. Lekota and Mbazima Shilowa criticised the way the ANC was being run and at the start, the ruling party lost considerable votes to the new offshoot.

So will Malema follow the Lekota route, by spilling a few Zuma secrets that he was privy to as a confidant and more importantly, will he also start his own political party? I believe, given his support base, that if he was to start a party along the lines of economic freedom that he had been preaching in the ANCYL, he could win many votes.

On the other hand, where have all the Malema supporters gone? Have they abandoned him? I expected to see massive loads of his supporters protesting in the Johannesburg CBD on Thursday after Hanekom read out the verdict. But while many expressed disappointment, the reaction was far milder than expected and seem to indicate that some were beginning to realise that the youth leader’s unbecoming behaviour might have gone a step too far.

A new survey on Friday found that 70% of young South Africans surveyed this week feel that the ANC’s decision to suspend Malema for five years was justified. But it might be too early to predict. Malema’s supporters might yet surprise us when they unleash a tsunami throughout the country as they had previously threatened.

On a positive note, I am impressed by President Jacob Zuma’s recent decisions. Known as a president who have yet to find an idea he did not like, he has finally woken up from slumberland. And about time too! Last month he fired two corrupt ministers, along with the national police commissionerm General Bheki Cele. Such decisive action may yet serve as a warning to others.

The country is tired of hearing about how million of tax payers money is being swindled by corrupt officials in dodgy deals. For that at least, Zuma deserves a pat on the back. On the other hand, some people believe that the suspension of Malema – who was once regarded as being untouchable – will win back favour for the ANC. It serves to reinforce the belief that the organisation does not fear or favour any individual and all are equal before the law. Whether this holds true, only time will tell.
This opinion piece was first published on ( Voice of the cape radio).


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November 11, 2011 at 8:25 am

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