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A young girl carry’s a bowl of soup at Riverlea informal settlement, near Johannesburg (Photos Hassan Isilow)

A group of disadvantage people line up to receive soup and bread in Riverlea informal settlement.

Enjoying the meal(Photo H.Isilow)

By Hassan Isilow

On a cold Sunday afternoon August 14, I was invited to record a video-documentary for a community organisation in Mayfair, a suburb of Johannesburg. when i arrived at the venue i found a convoy of vehicles loading food meant for disadvantage people living in Riverlea informal settlement, south west of Johannesburg. I was told by the press officer of the organisation that I would be traveling with him in a BMW, but I declined the offer and choose to travel on one of the trucks carrying drums of hot soup and bread.
After travelling for just 8 minutes from the more affluent homes in Mayfair West we approach a potholed, narrow road; an indication we have arrived at our destination.
Excited children run towards our convoy of vehicles with mugs and bowels ready to collect hot soup which is distributed daily in the area by Feed the Needy Foundation, a community organisation.
In a matter of minutes, hundreds of people gathered in queues to receive bread and soup. Businessman and community volunteer, Abdurrahman Nair, tells me, he has been distributing soup and bread to informal settlements on behalf of Feed the Needy Foundation for many months.

‘‘We feed the poor for entirely God’s pleasure. Most of the money we use comes from our pockets and a few donations from businesses and the local community’’ Abdurrahman revealed.

He said they have been supplying Soup and bread to several poor individuals living in the informal settlement since the beginning of the year. What impressed me most were the volunteers’ giving out soup and bread. Some of the volunteers knew the names of the children and residents coming to receive the hot meals. Some of the volunteers played with the children and also gave them sweets.

I asked my self, ” if every man helped his neighbour then who would need help’


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September 8, 2011 at 2:22 pm

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