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A group of Somali youth comes out of the Mayfair Juma'ah Mosque heading for moon sighting a day before the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.(Photo Hassan Isilow).

By Hassan Isilow

JOHANNESBURG – Crowds of Muslims converged in Mayfair on Sunday evening to sight the moon which is a prerequisite for Muslims to witness before commencing the holy month of Ramadan.
After sighting the moon, crowds were excited as they wished each other a blessed month of Ramadan.
Fasting is intended to teach Muslims about faith, spirituality, self-accountability and self-restraint.


However, some African Muslim migrants, who gathered at the moon sighting, said they were excited Ramadan had finally arrived, but did not know how their family members back home would survive with the devastating famine which has hit the horn Africa. ‘I’m excited we have seen the moon and the holy month of Ramadan will begin tomorrow (Monday). But my heart pains whenever I think of my starving people in Somalia ’’ said Omar Ali a Somali migrant residing in Mayfair a suburb of Johannesburg.
He said he had personally been affected by the famine in Somalia. ‘‘I have been remitting all my savings to help some of my starving family members in Somalia’’ Ali revealed.
According to aid agencies, up to 12 million people living in remote areas across Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia are faced with starvation. Most of the affected areas are inhabited by Muslims, which means they need urgent relief aid or else they are likely to face a tougher Muslim month of Fasting. To help feed a starving Muslim in the horn of Africa region, simply get in touch with any of the humanitarian organizations operating in the region.


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August 3, 2011 at 10:43 am

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