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Members of the Greater Mayfair Safety and security group smile for the camera's on Friday night shortly before their training session. ( Photo by Hassan Isilow).

By Hassan Isilow
Not every one has a heart for the community, but a group of dedicated persons serving in the Greater Mayfair safety and security (GMSS), community patrolling- deserve to be praised. Members of this group endure cold winter nights to patrol the neighbourhood. The community needs to appreciate their work. This week on Friday, a friend of mine, who is a member of the Greater Mayfair safety and security group, invited me to one of their training workshops. Although it was a cold Friday night, when we arrived at the training venue at the Johannesburg Institute of Social Services in Mayfair, several members of GMSS were there waiting.
I realised the community patrollers were devoted individuals whose aim was to ensure that the community becomes a safe place.
Smartly dressed in their blue Jackets with reflectors, they gathered in the main hall listening to a lecture given to them by Mohamed Cassim a legal consultant (paralegal), who lectured them on the legal aspects of using fire arms.
Cassim who has a wealth of experience in security and legal matters advised the patrollers to ensure that they always act with in the law while executing their routine duties.
I was impressed by cassim’s lecture and the spirit of unity I witnessed at this function. I think if more people volunteer to join neighbourhood watch groups such as GMSS, then we shall to some extent combat crime in our communities. The crime levels have slightly decreased in the Mayfair area ever since GMSS and other community patrollers started vigorously patrolling the neighbourhood. I must say I’m impressed by the good work done by GMSS. Some of their members include affluent members of society, businessmen, university students, police reservists, religious personalities among others. I must admit that I learnt a lot by attending the GMSS training session. After the training session was done, members were treated to a braai and drinks. Some Members of the Mayfair community who spoke to me expressed their gratitude to GMSS and the other community patrollers whom they said have helped reduce crime in the area. On my own behalf I congratulate GMSS, and all community patrollers for a job well done.


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July 9, 2011 at 1:14 pm

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