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‘‘Knife smugglers’’ likely to face long jail term

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Police in Uganda have arrested two women for allegedly concealing a knife inside a pineaple brought to an inmate at Luzira Prison.


Legal experts have expressed fear Faridah Hamubu could serve a long jail term in Uganda on grounds of attempting to help a suspect escape from prison. ”in case the women are found guilty of attempting to assist a suspect escape from prison, they will serve a length jail term in Uganda’’ a legal expert said on condition of anonymity. The elderly Hamubu was recently arrested at Uganda’s Luzira Prisons, for allegedly attempting to smuggle a knife concealed inside a pineapple she had brought for her son Omar Awadh Omar. Police in Kampala told a media briefing today that two women would soon be produced in court for attempting to help a terror suspect escape from prison. The women include Faridah Hamubu and Fatuma saidi, a step mother to Omar Awadh. Police said Fatuma who lives in Kampala was the one who reportedly packed the foodstuffs taken to Luzira prison. It was difficult for this publication to independently confirm this allegation since access to both women is restricted. Omar Awadh, a Kenya businessman at the centre of this story is being held in Uganda on allegations of masterminding the July 11 Kampala bombings, which killed over 79 soccer fans. The intricacy of this knife smuggling case has left the Ugandan public confused and struggling to establish reasons why the accused women could have attempted to smuggle a knife inside prison cells. I interviewed a few people on the streets of Kampala to find out what they thought.

Omondi (Bus driver Kampala-Nairobi route)

‘‘Utter rubbish, a knife inside a pineapple! How is that possible? I highly doubt if these women really had a knife on them. I think it’s just another plan to have them charged’’ the bus driver roared.

Mukibi (post graduate student Makerere University)

‘‘I think the knife was supposed to be used for peeling the pineapple fruit. What else could be the use of a small knife in prison! But–again, why hide a knife inside the pineapple? May be the women had a bad intension who knows, let the police investigate. ’’ Mukibi said.

Akello (Student Law Development Centre)

‘‘ If it’s true that warders really found a knife concealed inside the pineapple, then these women should be charged for conspiring to commit a serious offense of helping a convict to escape. By the way, why does Government allow relatives of prisoners to bring food for suspects in a prison? What if, relatives bring in poisoned food?’’ the legal student asks.


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December 10, 2010 at 2:45 am

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