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Muslims should break the silence on HIV/AIDS

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Why are Muslims silent about HIV/AIDS?

Muslims should break silence about the spread of HIV/AIDS Virus inside their communities. Countless Muslims have already tested positive for HIV/AIDS, but the Muslim community continues to remain silent about the deadly disease. Muslims should change their mind set on HIV/AIDS by openly discussing about sexuality with their children. Most Muslims have taken what they believe to be the ideal of Islam – such as no sex outside marriage and drugs and confused it with the reality of the Muslim world, which is different from none Islamic states where some Muslims live. As much as I respect the Islamic teachings about premarital sex, I’m aware that some Muslims can’t stick to these rules. I suggest such people use preventative measures since they are involved in risky behaviour. I know it’s complicated to speak about condom use in Islam, but at this rate we can not afford loosing more people to HIV/AIDS. I’m aware that abstinence from pre-marital sex is the primary way to prevent the transmission of HIV, but if one can not abstain I think they should use the condom in order to reduce the risk of catching the virus. Don’t mistake me for promoting promiscuous behaviour or campaigning for condom use, but what I’m suggesting is that if one can not abstain from sex and is not married then at least let them use a condom. Let’s not look at the side and pretend that we are holly yet we know some are engaging in sex outside marriage. Let’s speak out and break the silence on HIV/AIDS by advocating for abstinence, faithfulness among married couples, and safe sexuality. Let’s avoid risky sexual behaviour.


Written by africawitness

December 1, 2010 at 3:07 am

Posted in Xenophobia

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  1. To those who cant abstain, they shuld fast mostly! That is the only way to cure of HIV! Speaking of sexuality in our homes is axeptng it, n by axeptng it! Thn we dnt deserve to be Muslims, the condoms are a mere cause of Aids also! ISLAM IS A WAY OF LIFE!!! AND IT IS ALWAYS UPDATED WITH THE SOCIETY, WHAT IS BACKDATED IS THE IMMORAL WESTERN CULTURE


    December 1, 2010 at 4:23 am

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