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A view of Cape Town from the waterfront

When I first arrived in South Africa three years ago, I lived and worked in Johannesburg, a city with a high pace. Everyone in Johannesburg seems to be in hurry, rushing to work, making a quick money deal, driving fast on the roads. Oh! Everyone is on the move. Things are very fast in Johannesburg; if you limp you’re ripped off. It’s a typical rat race.
I used to love Jozi because I was a city person, who had unfortunately not travelled to other cities in the country. My love for Johannesburg, reminds me of an old Swahili adage which says” If you haven’t travelled you will always consider your mother the best cook”. Indeed I had considered Johannesburg to be the best city, but travelling has finally opened my eyes. In July 2009, I moved to Cape Town, where I lived, studied and worked .Then I begun to notice the difference . For the first time I boarded a train from Cape Town to Bellville where I lived, While in Johannesburg, I had never ridden on a train , because of the crime in the wagons. People in Cape Town are friendly and welcoming compared to those in Johannesburg. I noticed in Cape Town, people were relaxed and not in any hurry, I think that’s why Cape Town was voted the world’s best tourism city in the 2008 Telegraph Travel Awards. I presume no tourist would like to go to a very fast city.
Cape Town is a beautiful city to live in, it’s located on the shores of Table Bay, With a warm and friendly people, there is nowhere like Cape Town. The Mother City, as they call it, has a beautiful cultural heritage spanning more than 300 years. Let this not sound offensive to anyone, but the most beautiful women in South Africa are found in Cape Town; yet they are down to earth. They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but if you went to Cape Town, you would certainly agree with me. The women in the mother city are beautiful, warm hearted and honest, and the men are simply incredible. Cape Town is the place to be.
I used to live in a posh bachelor’s flat, opposite Bellville post opposite, which was close to religious and social amenities. In the west was a Catholic Cathedral, in the East a Jewish temple, and in the North were two Muslim mosques. I loved the location of my Flat because early in the morning I would hear the Catholic bells ringing, then the Muezzin would call for Muslim prayers. 100 meters from my flat, was a popular club and on the weekends, Music blazed from this spot, while patrons thronged the scene. No one complained of the others activities, regardless of the loud Muslim call for prayers or noise coming out of this club, no one cared- every group treated the other with respect. While, in Cape Town; I have never been bored, I had a lot of great friends and many places to visit. I often went to the V&A, Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, but missed out on visiting Robben Islands which I hope to visit one day.
Cape Town is indeed a friendly city, worthy living in. It’s here- that I once felt comfortable boarding a commuter Taxi without worrying what other passengers would say about me-since am a foreigner. No one scorned at me for being foreign, like they used to do in Johannesburg.
Instead in Cape Town, they referred to me as “my friend” which is a polite way of saying foreigner, yet in Johannesburg, they called me “Makwere-Kwere”, an insulting Zulu word for foreigner. The other thing I love about Cape Town, its difficulty for one to get lost, because the city has a unique topography that makes it easy to orientate oneself –incase your lost, just look up for Table Mountain and you will quickly locate your direction.
Oh! Ma word, I nearly forgot to mention about the cities shopping malls, the carnal walk (century city); this is a beautiful place I used to frequent. I met this gorgeous chic at that mall.


Written by africawitness

November 2, 2010 at 3:26 pm

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